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Tracy's Dog is an adult toy that enhances sexual technique and amplifies the female orgasm. Scroll down to buy a vibrator today and begin exploring your guilty pleasure 

  • Most affordable at $49

    There is no vibrator out there that has been so lovingly and technically designed to help you get orgasms - at an affordable price. 

  • Anywhere Anytime

    Only 5 minutes or an entire afternoon? Tracy’s Dog is here to deliver on special occasions, romantic nights with long foreplay with your partner or when you’re alone.

  • Immersion

    It’s easy to use, highly adjustable, and it won’t make noise, so you won’t have to come up with excuses to what were you doing next door.

Loved by Over A Million  Customers

  • This is a weapon. It cured my depression, I don't go to therapy anymore. I was walking from side to side after I finished using this thing, you'll feel like you just had your best dick appointment ever. Trust me. Best believe you will never see me frown ever again. My life has completely changed. Have a blessed day. 


    Nov 14, 2019

  • Having read everyone's reviews, i had high expectations, but with the price being under 50 dollars, i wasnt exactly going to be shocked if it was mediocre. A few friends of mine bought it recently, and told me of its power. I was warned to take the day off, hydrate, and above all do some stretches. I thought they were being such drama queens. It was delivered within 2 days of ordering, so it's already off to a good start. Opening the very discreet box, instructions say 2.5 hour charge time. Not too bad, i plug this lil bad boy in. While the kids are at school waiting for it to charge, killing time reading some erotica my friend and fellow queenie, recommended because i don't have time to screw around waiting to get into "the mood". I have to get the kids in a few hours and i need to be ready to go when this thing is done charging. Tik tok bitch, tik tok welcome to motherhood. "Patiently waiting" me is checking to see if the light has stopped blinking every 10 minutes like a crackhead waiting for his dealer.. After only and hour and a half, solid pink light. 


    Nov 13, 2019

Must Have Clitoral Suction Family

Partner Couple Vibrator for Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulation....

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, G Spot Clit Dildo Vibrators Waterpro.....

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, G Spot Clit D

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, G Spot Clit Dildo Vibrators Waterpro.....

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, G Spot Vibrator Waterproof, Recharg.....

Mr Duckie Clitoral Sucking Vibrator for Clit Nipple Stimu....

G Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Clitoral Sucking, Clit Dildo......

G Spot Activator & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator By Tracy's Dog

Meet the perfect vibrator for the modern woman by Tracy's Dog. It combines smart design and high-quality body-safe silicone with a range of functions to improve your sexual wellness. It was designed to be used in either a couple or for alone time. It rivals “designer vibrators” only in its performance, not in the price tag. And the sweet spot? It’s ideal for novices that have never tried a vibrator. But it also rocks the Orgasm world for the experienced ones too.

Tracy's Dog Media

Features Of Tracy's Dog 

2 in 1 Vibrator

Attractive & non-vulgar design

Tracy's Dog is an attractive & non-vulgar design. This means it will be attractive for those that feel shy and have never tried a sex toy before.

Innovative & Advanced Technology of 10 vibration modes and 10 suction modes + multiple power levels and pulsating patterns. This means that you’ll be able to have tons of flexibility in deciding and trying it out. See what pleases you, what makes you blush, what makes you…forget your name. The functions can be used separately too.

Easy to Use!

Extremely easy to use. Which means that if you’ve never tried a sex toy before, you’ll learn this faster than opening a chocolate bar.


Clitoral Stimulation + 10 vibration patterns. Which means that it will suck and pulse against the clitoris in a variation of intensity, that you’ll be in total control of, depending on your sensitivity.

Amazing Experience!

Clitoral Suction function surrounds your clit and targets it for intense stimulation It’s like receiving oral pleasure from a very gifted lover.


An insertion dildo + a phallic tip that simulates the G-spot with variations from soft & gentle to fast & hard. Which means that you’ll experience a real sense of closeness and physical intimacy to intensify the feeling of the orgasm and be as close as possible to the real act of sex.

Safe & Hygienic!

Made out of body safe silicon. This means that you don’t have to worry about inserting the vibrator, because it’s absolutely safe, super-soft, hygienic & nonporous.


Reduced Noise level – which means that during your play time the vibrator makes a very soft sound that won’t wake up the neighbours. But we can’t guarantee that you won’t do that.


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