Tracy’s Dog Self-Care Guide for Broken Hearts and Singles on V-Day

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

“Hello Me, Goodbye Cupid” Self-Care Guide (By Tracy’s Dog)

Tracy’s Dog wants to encourage the broken hearted to forget the voodoo dolls and drink their ex-es tears in big wine glasses. But, for not the ordinary birds out there, for whom a sweet candy advice won’t do it, Tracy’s Dog created a Self-Care Guide for Anti-Valentine. And if you’re in the mood for something cruder, go on bold, rebel heart, keep on reading.

Valentine’s Day is fiddly. You’re either on a romantic getaway and drowning in rose petals and all the other mandatory “goodies” that bring a zing to a relationship, or you’re celebrating with your girlfriends having a fun night and one too many Cosmopolitans.

But there are also those that wanted to celebrate V-Day, and it was taken away from them. And, their heart is simply broken. Worry not, because Tracy’s Dog has got you covered with a self-care guide + a self-love package to win.

Plug self intimacy by listening to ASMR Erotica

Nothing will put you in a better mood and make you flirt with your own intimacy than the sounds of ASMR, from scratching surfaces, finger tapping to explicit erotic whispering. Many people are using ASMR to relax, fall asleep to, and even tap into the undiscovered territory of self-pleasuringto these sounds.

Look on YouTube to start your ASMR initiation and find what ticks your fancy. Dim the lights, lower the sound, close your eyes and let your imagination go wild.

The advantages of ASMR on getting you in the mood, as opposed to traditional porn is the freedom of imagination and the flexibility it gives you, by not having your eyes locked on the screen.

Check this hidden gem of the internet, or thisSpotify for audio Erotica or this thread on Reddit that is just wild.

Couple with it a Tracy’s Dog Vibrator, for a next level play, and watch this combo with ASMR send you into another dimension.

The Subtle Matter of Living the Unf*ckwithable Life You Deserve

Get into reading this badass book, coming out on February 11th, by the irreverent Ash Ambirge - “The M!ddleF!ng#rPr*ject”. And how convenient for it to come exactly when you need it.

This “fresh, funny, and fearless, point-by-point primer on how to get unstuck, slay imposter syndrome, trust in your own worth and ability, and become a strong, capable, wonderful, weird, brilliant, ballsy, unfuckwithable YOUtakes your self-care to another level. And no broken heart can resist this much badassery and fun.

The immoral Ice-Cream

Ok, stop that diet for a minute. And just this once, dig into an ice cream with the voracious appetite of a Hummingbird, that has to refuel every ten minutes, because it uses an incredible amount of energy. And so are you. Coming back to yourself, healing and realizing that you’re worth every drop of self-care takes energy, dahhh-rling. Vegan, sugar-free, healthy options are available galore, so you won’t even have to feel guilty for going this route.

All day Silk

At times, the so-called clichés ring true – to feel confident and comfortable, it really matters what you wear. Even more so, what you wear in your most intimate space, when you’re by yourself takes the cake in the self-confidence department. Silk lounge wear claimed this spot and is winning unequivocally in making you feel sexy, confident, playful and elegant…all while being super comfortable. A silk jumpsuit from Lunya it’s so good that it feels sinful.

Or, in their words “It has pockets. It’s adjustable. It’s so good, you’ll want to be seen, but so comfortable that you’re definitely not going anywhere.”

All things Dancing…sexy chair dancing that is

We all know that exercise releases endorphins and makes you drop you sorrows. But now, picture this: The Weekend playing in the background “Earned it”, you dim the lights, put a chair in the middle of your living room and dance on it. Feel your sexinessrunning through your veins and feel how beautiful you are. Because “Girl you’re perfect. You’re always worth it, and you deserve it.”

For some inspiration see this dance routineor just make your own.

Keep your Tracy’s Dog nearby, because you’ll need it after all that dancing.


Tracy’s Dog is giving away a self-care duo: our insanely popular vibrator, that brought tears of laughter to half of the Twitter population, is the #1 wished for item in sexual wellness on Amazon and made 1 million girls and women worldwide finally close the pleasure gap.

And the second pair of this duo is the book of the irreverent Ash Ambirge, “The Middle Finger”.

To enter the GIVEAWAY, or nominate someone who needs it, follow and tag us on Instagram @ilovetracysdog. We’re here to make your Valentine’s Day more than pleasurable and unforgettable!

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