Mum's very honest Amazon review of sex toy causes it to sell out instantly

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

A woman's hilariously honest review of a sex toy had thousands of women rushing to try the product for themselves

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ByCourtney PochinAudience Writer

10:14, 3 JUL 2019UPDATED14:24, 3 JUL 2019

When it comes to online shopping, we all know the power a bad customer review can have - but what difference does a good one really make?

Well, for one brand of sex toy it seems it can cause sales to go through the roof.

An unnamed woman recently shared a hilariously honest five star review for a £42 vibrator ($52.99) sold by Tracy's Dog on Amazon.

Her lengthy post detailed her initial scepticism of the item as well as her experience of using the product and was liked by thousands of potential shoppers causing the sex toy to sell-out.

She wrote: "Having read everyone's reviews, I had high expectations, but with the price being under 50 dollars, I wasn't exactly going to be shocked if it was mediocre.

"A few friends of mine bought it recently and told me of its power. I was warned to take the day off, hydrate and above all do some stretches. I thought they were being such drama queens."

However she soon discovered how wrong she'd been and how right they were.

"I frantically tried to turn it off, but ended up hitting the buttons like a maniac, sending even stronger suction. I'm pretty sure I levitated. It was an unending orgasm," she said.

"This time my soul left me, and god himself said 'child, it is not your time, go back to the lil pink light'.

"I get up to clean up and realise in my seizure-like orgasms, I hurt my hip and back. I'm still hobbling four hours later. I did not stretch enough."

She adds: "So in conclusion, this met and exceeded expectations. Hydrate, make sure you don't have to do anything that involves decisions or brainpower for the rest of the day and for the love of god, stretch like you are about to run the 500 metre dash."

More than 4,000 people said they found her Amazon review helpful. And she's not the only woman going wild for the vibrator, as 784 people have reviewed the product so far, with many giving it four or five stars.

Another woman said it had "completely changed" her life. A third warned customers they would soon become "addicted" to the thing.

Others branded it "amazing" and the "best sex toy ever". The product is still currently sold out, but don't worry ladies, Amazon claims it should be back in stock by July 15.

ByCourtney PochinAudience Writer

10:14, 3 JUL 2019UPDATED14:24, 3 JUL 2019

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