Does Social Distancing mean loneliness?

This time of the year, when someone is just about to sneeze on you, it’s worse than if they would curse your entire lineage. With all the advice floating in the media, it’s both encouraging (great recoveries from COVID-19) as well as confusing (for all the do's & don’ts). But, one thing’s for certain – social distancing (another word for behavioral isolation) is encouraged and, in fact, the responsible, and adult thing to do. And you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t an adult. *looks around and winks*.

But, what else can we do? Apart from washing our hands, and just staying home? How can we make sure we keep sane, ease anxiety, and come out stronger? And also, not give into the pressure of “being ultra-productive”. Perhaps this is the best time to just live, knit and write poetry.

Solitude can be a wonderful thing when done right. And how can we even qualify as besties, if we won’t help you do it right? So, here’s a quick run-down:

Do it like Italians - Facetime Apéritif

Italians love their glass of Aperol or prosecco before dinner. Always with friends. And now, with all Italy on lockdown, do you think this stops them? Of course, it doesn’t. They’ll carry on the tradition from one balcony to another or even “hosting” an aperitif all over the country via facetime. And so, can you.

Plus, this is a great idea for a date night, now that you can’t meet face to face, use that. Go full Italian quarantine style.

Julia Child & Fancying some French coq au vin

Now is the time to dive into all those complex recipes that you’ve been postponing like in …forever. Want to make it more fun, cook the same exact super sophisticated recipe with your friend or a family member from far away, so you can all share the experience, and …the same taste. That’s if one doesn’t burn it all down. *looks around the room innocently*

Dance like J-Lo or just get moving.

Remember Superbowl and J Lo’s performance? We won’t dig into all the research that music makes us happy, and even more so, that dancing makes all the happiness hormones rush out and throw a little party. So, why wait? YouTube a dance tutorial, go light or go as hard as your knees can handle, and let the oxytocin flow through your body. And let nobody put baby in the corner. Not even you!

Catch a few extra zzz's 

When your body is in a stress mode, even if it’s on an unconscious level (and how can it not with all the apocalyptic news around us) it can get sick easier. And sure, chugging down Vitamin C may help, eating healthy and exercising as well. But, do you know what else can help?

Letting your body sleep as long as it needs. And, when was the last time, supergirl…that you really slept as much as you needed. Like…no alarm clock at all?

Because so it happens (how convenient) that…sleep is one of the most trustworthy protections against a cold or flu.

Get the big O

Let’s get to the basics here. Orgasms increase your blood circulation, which in turn boosts immunity by nourishing cells with more oxygen and blood. And who doesn’t need a slice or two of immunity these days? Orgasms also help you get relaxed and less stressed, and when you’re less stressed, you’re less likely to be a germ crowd-puller.

I mean…the math is clear here – the more Orgasms the healthier you are.

And, conveniently enough, we’ve launched a new hot toy to help you with exactly that!

Getting healthier. What did you think?

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